Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

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Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

Postby Miyyan » 23 Aug 2011, 03:03

Tommy Kallon was a role model for the Ahmadiyyah youth for the last few years. He was the President of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK till October last year. We all known how inspiring and charismatic personality he possessed with all the divine guidance available to him.

He went to Qadian in India and married to an Ahmadi lady ‘Tayyaba’ approximately ten years ago. Eventually the wife of Tommy Kallon came to UK on a spouse visa and the couple settled in a small flat in Morden, Surrey in UK. The couple had some initial problem of communication as Tommy Kallon couldn’t speak Urdu and the wife had no experience of spoken English.

Tommy Kallon had an extremely busy life style of juggling between a private job, running a small family business KALLON CONSULTANCY LIMITED ( and later to become a President of the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK. Despite of her husband’s busy life, Mrs Tayyaba Kallon devoted her life for him and became a very sincere housewife. They also had two children from the marriage.

The life of Mrs Tayyaba Kallon became upside down when two years ago her husband informed her that he would like to marry another woman. She was clearly very upset from the situation and refused to allow him to get marry again. Tommy Kallon made the suggestion to her to stay as his Islamic wife and allowed him to get another Nikah.

Mrs Tayyaba Kallon went to Ahmadiyyah Kazza office to seek some justice for herself and her two children. Her request was heard with deaf ear as everyone in the Kazza office knew Tommy Kallon very well and nobody wanted to take sides of this unknown lady from a small town of India. She has no other close relative except a sister lived in UK. The Kazza office did not bother even once to invite the both disputed parties to sit together and tried to sort out their matrimonial matters.

Eventually she requested for Khulah (Islamic divorce), after realising that there would be no one in the Kazza Office, who would try to give Tommy Kallon any sense of reconsidering his position to look after his wife and two children.

She reached to this conclusion only because she became cornered by her husband and realising that no justice would be available for her from the Ahmadiyyah hierarchy. Tommy Kallon had two houses in London and as a deal of the ‘Khulah’ Tayyaba along with her two children was allowed to stay in one of the house. The Kazza office made no arrangement for the provision of any other daily expenses for Tayyaba and her two children. Initially for couple of months Tommy Kallon voluntarily paid some amount to his ex wife but later on refused to pay anything. Tayyaba has never done any job in this country as he was only a full time devoted house wife.

Last month very reluctantly she again had to go to the Kazza office to request for some regular money to feed herself and her two children. They did not give her any satisfactory answer and made no promises for the arrangement of any regular income. The poor family had no choice left but to contact the social security office for claiming the benefits. The social security office required the particulars of the ex husband, and suggested to take the matter to the court if she would like her benefits to start. She was also harassed by Tommy Kallon for the custody of the two children. She had no other choice left but to take the matter to the court to secure a regular income, a roof over her head and the security of her children.

As soon as the ‘Kazza Office’ knew that she had bypassed their authority and taken the matter to the court, all of a sudden the Ahmadiyyah hierarchy became active. She received a call from the Amir Sahib UK who requested her to take the court case back and come to the ‘Kazza Office’. She requested him to visit her house and observe himself the poor conditions the family were living in. Amir Sahib refused to visit her home and threaten her that if she is not going to take the case back, she would be expelled from the Jamat. She belongs to a mukhlas Ahmadi family from Qadian and could never imagine a life outside the Ahmadiyyat. On other hand she also realised that the Jamat only wanted her to bow down towards their establishment and they don’t care about the welfare of herself or her two young children. In the absence of having any offer of financial commitment made by the ‘Kazza Office’ or the Amir Sahib, she refused to come back to the ‘Jamati Kazza’ system.

Within four days of Amir Sahib’s last phone call she was expelled from the Jamat for not obeying the establishment’s authority and decisions. She is shattered at the moment due to the immoral behaviour of the Ahmadiyyah hierarchy but also determine not to bow down to their merciless ‘Kazza’ system.
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Re: Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

Postby FindingsIII » 23 Aug 2011, 04:41

Thanks bro.Amir of this country will get his comeuppance INSHALLAH!!! This man has wronged so many people, forcing people to stay quiet and avoid going to the UK courts.

Poor Tayabba has suffered greatly because of the black guy... He has hurt her and I do not just mean emotionally/mentally... Go figure :-(

Everyone should now step up the campaign and overturn the amirs office.... This guy is a disgrace. May Allah may it easy for Tayabba and I hope she is safe from the fists of Kaloon now. How is Mas gonna do that to one of his own?! A woman from the holy land?! For the sake of a man like Tommy and on the authority of a shirk master like Raf? Mas grow a back bone for crying out loud! You are being RUN!run by shady business men all trying to cover each others' backs!! This is a woman in need and you've let her down.... Shame on you!
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Re: Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

Postby FindingsIII » 23 Aug 2011, 04:51

And no doubt all the Khuddam Toy Soldiers of Kaloon, like Okasha Sami (do you know what the umoomi have been saying about your own family hey???) who practically drooled over him in one email.. will be slating Tayabba, probably saying she was a nutter, didn't treat the wonderful Tommy properly. Who cares? Fact remains she is now is in crisis and look! And the Jamaat has kicked a woman whilst down!!
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Re: Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

Postby Nemo » 23 Aug 2011, 12:49


Thank you for exposing the shambles that the state of our Qadha board is in!!! Though it is unfortunate that the sister’s name has been brought into the limelight, this is all down to the jamaat who have expelled her and so her name is being sent for announcements at halqa meetings up and down the country as we speak anyway. The jamaat never give explanations when they announce these and this case is just a needle in the hay stack, tip of the ice berg of miscarriages of justice from our very own Qadha Board system. They scare members into keeping their affairs within the jamaat and do not wish cases to ever go to court.

According to the information provide above, the sister has left her country and loved ones behind. Poor thing came to a foreign country where not only she couldn’t speak the language but couldn’t speak the language of her husband, she showed so much bravery in a frightening situation. She has no work experience as she devoted herself to the home and her husband. On top of that she is from Qadian (of ALL places!) and so its not her fault that the jamaat and its people are all that she has ever known. If her husband uses his rights to polygamy and then later not provide for his divorced ex, then she should be able to use her rights. Where does she go from here? On the verge of being homeless out on the street, what else would she do? And now she is out of the jamaat, where else can she turn to?? And where was the Islahee committee in all of this??? There is supposed to be a reconciliation committee before it goes to Qadha. They never even got them to sit down and talk??? And the Ameer’s involvement (and lack of to suit him too!) makes the whole thing even more shameful. This is DISGUSTING and makes my blood boil. SHAME ON YOU JAMAAT !!!!!!

Her choices were either sacrifice the welfare of children and lose them, or bow down to the jamaat. The Former Khuddam Sadr has done a lot for the jamaat, so you scratch my back I scratch yours, whilst ensuring that the Jamaat don’t get dragged through the mud. The jamaat doesn’t want the negative publicity might I add so that’s a big factor too. WHERE IS THE MERCY????? That’s the catch phrase right???

Did you know that while this was all going on, this sister has been working as a dog’s body in UK Lajna National Amla? She was the Ishaat (publications) assistant to one of the national Naib Sadr Lajna UK (the one who is coincidentally part of the ahmadi sisters witchunt…..I know she is certainly reading this….Hi doctor :lol: ). Anyway this sister was bottom of the barrel but her cries and pleas for help easily have been heard by the top guns. It seems to be that even if you get to be in their top club, there are still divides, and in this case Lajna vs Khuddam also comes into it!

The jamaat likes to cast its spells, its their way or the highway out of the jamaat. The Former Sadr himself also comes into rank. There is always a glass ceiling in this jamaat. Few years ago my contacts at the National UK Khuddam Ijtema heard his speech as Sadr but when it came on MTA it was heavily edited by MTA because huzur’s speech was more important and required more air time! The Sadr at the time did an excellent speech might I add, and actually made an impact to the youth. But what was the point, the message never reached most of its audience as MTA decided not to run with it!
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Re: Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

Postby Nemo » 23 Aug 2011, 12:51

For the benefit of readers, Dar-ul-Qadha, or the Qadha board as it’s often known is a judicial system setup by the 2nd Khalifa to provide for the community “a very fair and dignified way for the members to settle their internal disputes”, in accordance with Islamic Law and Jurisprudence. LOL!! The Qadi reports into the Nazim Qada who reports into Sadr Qadha board. He reports into Nazir A’la in Rabwah. The President of the UK Darul Qadha is that bloke who is often on the panel of Faith Matters, his name escapes me. These Qadi’s also have ranks and a first time case comes to the lowest rank Qadi who is usually useless. The first hearing is normally a complete waste of time and then it goes to the next higher ranking Qadhi and so on. Cases that cannot be decided in the UK sometimes end up being refered to the Qadha board in Rabwah or go directly to Huzur for final decision.

Now the Qadis themselves can be as corrupt or sincere as the average person you choose to tap shoulders on in the street. The Qadi you get is supposed to be experienced in the type of cases brought to him but it often comes down to chance or in some cases cleverly planned !! The whole setup is a complete and utter shambles, unfair and unjust !!! Its always about what’s in the best interest of the jamaat, never about the victim in all of this.

In a case such as this, it is easily plausible for a top gun to get all his contacts and mates to put in a good word into the Qadi’s ears….basically its not just about who you know, but how high up you yourself are and what impact you have on the jamaat. The ranks of the Former UK Khuddam Sadr vs the Ishaat Lajna Assistant in the jamaat and the ranks of Khuddam/Ameer contacts vs Lajna contacts was always gonna be an unfair game. It was a losing battle right from the start.
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Re: Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

Postby Nemo » 23 Aug 2011, 12:52

As a general comment to readers, and this is not specific to anyone in particular and is not directed at any of the mentioned names on this thread. If ANY sister is suffering from any form of domestic violence, please do call the police, especially if the jamaat is not supporting you in this matter and especially if you have been expelled from jamaat anyway. There is nothing further one can lose from the jamaat. In fact, I heard that the police no longer require a statement from the victim to press charges, if the victim is the wife of the attacker. So if anyone knows of such a situation, they should fulfil their duty and do the right thing and tell the authorities :) Our dear country is here to protect us, even if its from our own dear jamaat.

Re: Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

Postby shahzad10 » 23 Aug 2011, 15:08

This is truly shocking. Shame on the Jamaat and shame on any Ahmadi defending the Jamaats action.
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Re: Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

Postby rationalist » 23 Aug 2011, 16:05

What the heck??? What is wrong with these people??

Is their any official press release on this topic? How did you guys find out?

When Mufti Muhammad Sadiq came to the USA, I was told that they would let him in the USA until he promised not to marry more than one woman, i.e. polygamy. They wouldnt allow him to enter based on this reason. Which is probably a lie.

Isnt it illegal to have more than one wife in the UK? Arent Ahmadis trying to use Sharia-law over the law of the land? The 'A' stinks with favoritism!!!!!!!
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Re: Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

Postby Nemo » 23 Aug 2011, 17:20

As for Toy Soldier Zameen Asmani Jismani ! no names and no personal attacks here..I know all about your sister, the Naib General Secretary of UK national Lajna amla, and your brother-in-law, what they've been upto (sneakily?) behind the jamaat's back. What they're doing to single mother of 4, the Physical Fitness secretary from the UK national Lajna amla too, publically for world to know about in the courts OUTSIDE of the Qadha system…..and if jamaat does know (how can they not know about their top amla members when their spies are everywhere) then it goes to show that favouritism is rampant! But to avoid daggers from my ahmadi fans digging at me, I won't Kiss and Tell on details even though the courts are made public :mrgreen:

@ rationalist, in ahmadi polygamy cases the other wife is usually nikah in the mosque only and the marriage is not legally registered. It can almost be viewed by the authorities as just an extra marital affair perhaps! Therefore it would only be a domestic dispute rather than a legal one.

Re: Tommy Kallon's Wife has been expelled from Jamaat

Postby Raja Nouman » 23 Aug 2011, 18:06

Dar-al-Kaza or Dar-al-kazab UK is running on the basis of nepotism and illegitimate rules and regulation. This department proves lots of time that it is a 'state torture'' work of art. Might be this department in UK is one of its kind of sole ''blessing'' for common Ahmadis, which they are getting from the Ahmadiya Education.
Before it an appeal of mine was also on this website (I am also thankful to the person who uploaded it) which is clearly speaking about the bad governing and disgusting attitude of Qaza department of UK.
Members can read it, i am not mentioning it because of this was my case but due to see all of us the real Cultism of Nizam-a-Jammat.

The influence of Aameer Nizam-a-Jammat UK rafique hayat & co. is very much prominent behind the case decision of Qaza Board UK. And some time he also uses this influence for the cases in Dar-al-Qaza Rabwah.

Qazi always appointed for doing justice but in Qaza Board UK Qazis are appointed to do injustice by force. This Notorious Department of Nizam-a-Jammat UK is totally under the influence of Liar Qazis, which even don't have appropriate qualification to appoint as a Qazi. Qaza Board UK is totally a symbol of Immorality and Torture.

This Illegitimate Department of Nizam-a-Jammat UK and its officeholders need to come under the open & transparent trial due to its corruption, injustice, immorality and torture on common member of public from Ahmadis. Its my pray in favour of common Ahmadis and to stop the going cruelty of this department , Inshallah It will happen by the Grace and Blessing of Almighty ALLAH (Ameen)

So its very good and also necessary if the case of Mrs Tayyaba Kallon come in the court. I also offer Her with respect that if she need any of my cooperation for proving the lies, bad, Hypocritical and inhuman dealing of Qaza Board UK , proving the injustice and doing work under the influence of Office bearers of other departments of Nizam-a-Jammat UK then I am here & glad to help her and also can give the papers of my case for Government court proceedings in UK. Kindly do contact with me by via A.K.Shaikh sahib or Ch. Akber sahib. Thanks
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